When it comes to body-focused psychotherapy, we are focusing on body sensation that often hold repressed memories, and gain the ability to regulate their autonomic body functions such as muscle tension, body temperature, heart rate and respiration. The use of biofeedback in therapy offers patients to gain greater awareness of their body’s physiological functions through the use of technological instruments designed to provide immediate information on the activity of those psychophysiological systems.

The goal of biofeedback is to train patients to activate or deactivate psychophysiological systems at will, and therefore self-regulate their emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions. When combined with mind-focused, language-based approaches, patients can see sustainable relief from headaches, pain, hypertension and other physiological stress-related conditions. Biofeedback can help correct and fine-tune one’s breathing patterns, which has a direct impact on the physiology, mental and emotional states and can improve mental and physical states. Another benefit is linked to enhanced practice in meditation, which are specific techniques used to still and empty the mind allowing the natural homeostasis and healing process to begin. One of the most challenging tasks, the ability to focus and not react to distracting thought and feelings can be strengthened through guided practice using biofeedback technology. 



    Dr. Khodik, Psy.D., B.C.B. is credentialed as a National Register Health Services Psychologist. He earned his Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology and his Board Certification in Biofeedback from Widener University’s Institute

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    Equally important in this integration is the role of one’s relationship to their spirituality and envelopment in religious practices. While many traditional psychotherapist historically

    My practice involves a multi-theoretical framework, that aims to integrate cognitive, behavioral, psychobiological, psychodynamic, and psychospiritual approaches. In contrast to


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