When it comes to body-focused psychotherapy, we are focusing on body sensation that often hold repressed memories, and gain the ability to regulate their autonomic body functions such as muscle tension, body temperature, heart rate and respiration. The use of biofeedback in therapy offers patients to gain greater awareness of their body’s physiological


Equally important in this integration is the role of one’s relationship to their spirituality and envelopment in religious practices. While many traditional psychotherapist historically tend to shy away from this topic, it is important that spirituality is understood and addressed as a legitimate dimension of human experience. The fact is that one’s spirituality develops and evolves


My practice involves a multi-theoretical framework, that aims to integrate cognitive, behavioral, psychobiological, psychodynamic, and psychospiritual approaches. In contrast to the more common, unimodal approaches, which may only address either the mind or the physical symptoms, and where all patients receive the same interventions, I actively integrate diverse systems