Equally important in this integration is the role of one’s relationship to their spirituality and envelopment in religious practices. While many traditional psychotherapist historically tend to shy away from this topic, it is important that spirituality is understood and addressed as a legitimate dimension of human experience. The fact is that one’s spirituality develops and evolves over the lifespan and can be a part of the solution or a part of the problem. Despite the fact that many practitioners and patients tend to reduce spirituality and religiousness to psychological explanations, spirituality cannot

be separated from psychotherapy. Spiritual issues often arise in patient’s lives and need to be considered as a critical ingredient in their lives, as they may serve as the source of ultimate anxiety or post-traumatic growth. Therefore as a spiritually-integrated psychotherapist, I listen carefully for such hidden communications and encourage patients to give voice to what may be difficult to express, and explore what may have been avoided in the past. Working through spiritual concerns and conflicts has been found to be of interest to most patients, and especially those who find themselves struggling with the underlying spiritual foundation of the 12-step fellowships for recovery from addictions (AA, NA, GA, etc.). Such patients may feel ostracized from these recovery programs if they voice spiritual struggles, be unable to engage in their recovery, or may drop-out prematurely. Therefore, addressing their issues with spirituality in the safety of a psychotherapeutic session will increase their chances towards recovery.



    Dr. Khodik, Psy.D., B.C.B. is credentialed as a National Register Health Services Psychologist. He earned his Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology and his Board Certification in Biofeedback from Widener University’s Institute

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    When it comes to body-focused psychotherapy, we are focusing on body sensation that often hold repressed memories, and gain the ability to regulate their autonomic body

    My practice involves a multi-theoretical framework, that aims to integrate cognitive, behavioral, psychobiological, psychodynamic, and psychospiritual approaches. In contrast to


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