My practice involves a multi-theoretical framework, that aims to integrate cognitive, behavioral, psychobiological, psychodynamic, and psychospiritual approaches. In contrast to the more common, unimodal approaches, which may only address either the mind or the physical symptoms, and where all patients receive the same interventions, I actively integrate diverse systems of psychotherapy to match the needs of each person. I tend to base my formulation on the psychoanalytical formulation, which permits a deeper understanding and is appreciative of patient’s unconscious dynamics, 

characterological development, environmental influences, strengths, and unique adaptive strategies. In the therapeutic sessions, I encourage each person to explore their current and past ways of experiencing themselves (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and relating to others. This form of exploration brings about a greater self-understanding and resolution to the past traumatic experiences and inner conflicts, and ultimately leads to healing unhealthy relational patterns and producing profound changes in one’s life. 



    Dr. Khodik, Psy.D., B.C.B. is credentialed as a National Register Health Services Psychologist. He earned his Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology and his Board Certification in Biofeedback from Widener University’s Institute

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    When it comes to body-focused psychotherapy, we are focusing on body sensation that often hold repressed memories, and gain the ability to regulate their autonomic body

    Equally important in this integration is the role of one’s relationship to their spirituality and envelopment in religious practices. While many traditional psychotherapist historically


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